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Two Years in the Making
2 years and over 50 webinars later...

Since we started, Foundr Magazine has been all about delivering incredible information and support to entrepreneurs all over the world.

Our products are all about helping YOU and your business soar. We’ve done this in the past through our extremely popular Instagram Domination product, our Instagram marketing course, and Foundr Club, our exclusive club for entrepreneurs.

We’ve been able to deliver these value-jammed offerings thanks to our company’s quick growth. And this growth has been thanks to our ability to sell effectively. 

We get questions like this all the time: how did Foundr grow so fast?

The answer isn’t better email list building, or better copy, or better design. We already had the best of these.

What really gave us the cutting edge is by using the power of face-to-face selling. By harnessing the trust, credibility in and scalability that only in-person presentations can deliver.

With this method we’ve been able to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars for the company and hours of valuable content to our audience.

We’ve been able to convert over 50% of the audience at a time using this method.

This extremely powerful method is Webinars.

Webinars are and as-of-yet underused sales method - but their potential to revolution your online sales is unparalleled.

But at first, we didn’t know how to do webinars. There were no great courses out there teaching you how.

But through hustle, trial and error, talking with dozens of mentors and experts, we were finally able to create a structure and methodology that has allowed us to predict our payday.

Through our learning and speaking with dozens of experts in presentations, sales, webinars and online business, we’ve created our most exciting offering yet: 1 to Many.

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